Nora Ephron On Body Image

Nora Ephron had a lot to say on body image -- to the point that she wrote a book whose title and opening line is: "I feel bad about my neck."

Many women have something about their bodies that they would change. Ephron realized that discussing these insecurities openly and finding the humor in them made them less toxic and us more forgiving of our bodies. She had, for instance, a unique definition of "maintenance" -- those grooming rituals one performs to maintain an aura of confidence -- and didn't pretend that sticking to an exercise routine isn't often hellish or that trying on a piece of clothing that's just not going to fit, no matter how hard you try, isn't be totally maddening. She told the truth and made it funny.

"Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth," she wrote. Touche, Nora, touche.

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