Nora Ephron On Female Friendship

Nora Ephron may have questioned whether men and women could be friends in her iconic film "When Harry Met Sally...," but she never voiced a doubt about the power of female friendship. (Carrie Fisher made a fabulous female best friend to Meg Ryan's Sally Albright.)

Ephron not only showcased the bonds between women in her films and in her real-life collaborations with sister Delia, but she discussed the power of those relationships in her books. She described her best friend Judy who had recently passed away as her "phantom limb" in "I Feel Bad About My Neck." "I can't believe I'm here without her," she wrote. Undoubtedly, many women who grew up watching Ephron's films and reading her books will feel much the same now that she's gone.

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Nora Ephron On Female Friendship