Norah Jones' 'Happy Pills' Lyric Music Video Released

Norah Jones has released a lyric music video for her new track "Happy Pills," off her upcoming album Little Broken Hearts.

The tune is produced by Danger Mouse, a member of soul-duo Gnarls Barkley who gained international fame with his 2004 Jay-Z/Beatles mash-up The Grey Album and is now part of the band Broken Bells.

"Happy Pills" is three-time Grammy award-winner Jones' first track since her 2009 album The Fall. The sound is upbeat and jazzy, and the block letter-filled video in pink and white hues is mesmerizing to watch.

"Happy Pills" first hit the web last week, and Jones admitted that she and Danger Mouse were surprised by the final product.

"We both were like 'Oh my God, this is awesome' at first and then went away and listened over the weekend," Jones said in a press release, according to the Salt Lake Tribune."We didn't know if it fit on the record. But I couldn't stop singing it, and neither could [Danger Mouse]. Eventually we decided it was too much fun, it had to be there."

Jones and Mouse weren't the only ones thrilled with "Happy Pills". Rolling Stone wrote that "breaking up never sounded so fun," and Entertainment Weekly said the "simple, catchy, pop-leaning number makes us that much more excited about Jones' comeback year."

The tune also seems to be a hit with viewers -- the lyric video has already accumulated almost 7,000 YouTube views.

Little Broken Hearts hits stores on May 1.