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Nordic Summer Cooking, By Sweet Paul Magazine (PHOTOS)

Fresh ingredients from nearby, simple techniques and the unquenchable desire to eat outside.

Sweet Paul magazine has given us some lovely recipe ideas lately -- from kid-approved foods that adults will love too, to incredible, jewel-toned spring salads. We are happy to report that Sweet Paul is back with a summer feast we never expected, a Nordic dinner party.

We've gotten a little bit obsessed with Nordic cooking lately. We love the emphasis on fresh ingredients from nearby, simple cooking techniques and the unquenchable desire to eat outside in the sunshine. After you've fallen in love with this feature, check out the rest of Sweet Paul's summer issue.

"Midnight Sun, long summer days and fresh ingredients, thats the Nordic Summer for you. The flavors are clean, simple and unfussy."

Food+Styling by Paul Lowe | Photography by Studio Dreyer Hensley

Sweet Paul: Nordic Summer Cooking

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