Nordstrom's Holiday 'Homecoming' Ad Is Giving Us The Warm Fuzzies

Because "home is the heart" of the season.

Nordstrom is putting us in the holiday spirit with "The Homecoming," a new commercial starring a handsome gay couple and their adorable dog.

Set to the tune of Tom Rosenthal's "Go Solo," the new ad shows two men sharing a tender embrace and quick kiss after one returns home after presumably some time away.

"Home is the heart of the holiday season," Nordstrom officials wrote on their official YouTube page. As LGBTQ Nation points out, the men in the commercial are a real-life engaged couple.

Nordstrom's gay-themed holiday ad follows others from Allstate Insurance and Kohl's this season.

Still, the upscale, Seattle-based retailer has a history of being inclusive. In 2013, the company released "The Ultimate Wedding Party," a commercial which showed pairs of heterosexual and same-sex couples celebrating at a reception, just months after coming out in support of same-sex marriage.

It puts a smile on our faces to see these beautiful commercials reminding us that the holidays are for everyone. Bravo, Nordstrom!

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