Norma Cheren, 'Drug Dealing' Grandma, May Miss Hip Surgery Because Of Jail

This drug-dealing granny might not be so hip after all.

Jail time may hamper a 79-year-old Atlanta woman's vital hip surgery, after cops allegedly found Norma Cheren with nine pounds of marijuana and $130,000 cash in her possession, the New York Daily News reports.

Investigators followed Cheren Thursday to the Cheesecake Factory in Buckhead, Ga., where they reportedly witnessed her sell marijuana, WSB-TV reports. Police say they found the stash after one of Cheren's clients ratted her out.

Neighbors looked on in shock as police seized the gigantic stash from two metal lunch boxes in Cheren's home. She was taken into custody Thursday night.

Cheren has a doctor's appointment scheduled for her hip surgery, but may not make it out of jail in time to go. She reportedly can't secure a release on her $25,000 bond.

"I cant' believe that she's over 60. Let alone that she (might be) doing that kind of stuff. This is too much," neighbor Jennifer Brown told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "She would come out of her house, wave at us, move her Herby Curby (rolling trash bin) from the side of the house and back to the house."

Cheren was sentenced to seven years probation in 1991 for violating state drug possession laws, the Daily News reports.



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