Norma Kamali Gets The Wellness Conversation Started

What does the founder of Aveda, a fashion designer, a doctor, a physical trainer and a choreographer have in common? All of these people are passionate about spreading health and wellness throughout America.

Yesterday, I attended an event at The MOMA put on by fashion designer, Norma Kamali, "Conversations: A Dialogue on Wellness Solutions." Kamali's goal is to motivate people to take better care of themselves through eating healthier and exercising more. She has put together a series of two-minute video interviews with people like Horst, the founder of Aveda skin products, who believes beauty and health come from the natural minerals of the Earth. Also in her series of videos is an interview with choreographer, Twyla Tharp, who has put together hundreds of dances for Broadway and Hollywood Productions. Her message is to keep moving. You're never going to accomplish anything by sitting still.

I think I was most inspired by Joe Cross, who was seriously sick and 310 pounds. By changing his diet he lost the weight, had more energy and was able to go off most of his medications. He was then inspired to make a video that was a "call to action" for Americans to take better care of themselves. His video spans over a three-month time period in which he travels from New York to Los Angeles talking to Americans about how they can improve their health. He found that people are sick of being told what to do. Everyone he spoke with took personal responsibility for their health.

The overarching message of the event was that we all have a piece of the puzzle. We are capable of taking better care of ourselves and spreading the message that the key to health is eating more natural foods, cutting out the white stuff and moving more. What is your role in spreading health in your community?

You can view all of the videos here.