Norma Rae Clinton: Hillary's Middle Class Hypocrisy

Hillary is a fantastically wealthy, union-busting, condescending corporate board member who's trying to convince you that she's more "in touch" than a guy whose relatives live in huts.
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And so her suicide campaign continues.

Last Sunday, Barack Obama was speaking at a fundraiser when he said that some small town voters "cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

Hillary pounced on the remarks, calling them "elitist" and "out of touch." Now, we'll get to those remarks in a second. But first we need to address the epic hypocrisy of Hillary Rodham Clinton calling another human being "out of touch" with middle class Americans. I'd like to start by sharing an observation and a quote with you:

Observation: Hillary Clinton is a fantastically wealthy, union-busting, condescending corporate board member with a privileged background who's trying to convince you that she's more "in touch" than a guy whose relatives live in huts.

Second, a quote:

"You know, I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession."

That was Hillary during her husband's 1992 campaign.

Here's what we can infer from those comments: 1) Hillary thinks homemaking is beneath her. 2) Hillary thinks that a woman who doesn't pursue a profession is wasting her life. 3) Hillary hates working class families. OK, maybe "hate" is too strong -- but she's certainly shown a willingness to work against them.

Take for instance her days as a union-busting board member for Wal-Mart, or her partnership in the notoriously anti-union Rose Law Firm. What can we infer from those associations? That Hillary Clinton hates union workers, naturally. Again, maybe "hate" isn't the right word. But she's certainly shown a willingness to suppress and litigate against them.

And now the pant-suited wonder is tossing back shots with the working folks of Indiana, making believe she's a gun-toting huntress -- as if we'd forget that she's been one of the most staunchly anti-gun politicians in Washington since the 1990s. Isn't it adorable? She's pretending to be one of the little people! The same little people she's belittled and screwed over in the past -- whether it was through NAFTA, Wal-Mart, or her own elitist, out-of-touch comments.

She's trying to paint Obama as aloof. Meanwhile she's swilling Pabst and bragging about all the bucks she's bagged in carefully-staged photo ops. Could there be anything more condescending? Does she really think we're stupid enough to believe that her fingernails have ever known the scourge of dirt? What's next, a quail hunt with John Kerry? The truth is, the closest Hillary Clinton's ever come to a dead buck is one of Huma Abedin's deerskin handbags.

Now, onto Obama's remarks. Were they stupid? Absolutely. He screwed up. He sounded less like the kid who was raised by his grandparents, and more like the editor of The Harvard Law Review. But do those stupid remarks reflect his values and history? I don't believe so. As a matter of fact, unlike Hillary, Obama actually has experience living as a working class American. Unlike Hillary (who grew up safely ensconced in Chicago's upscale Park Ridge), Obama got his fingernails dirty trying to better the lives of the working poor in inner-city Chicago.

And by the way, very few people are talking about the most important part of this story: that Obama was right (even though he made his point arrogantly). The people of Pennsylvania -- just like those of Ohio, and Michigan, and Indiana, and the rest of the United States -- are angry about seeing their jobs go overseas, their wages stagnate, and their retirement funds dwindle. Many of them turn to their faith to get through hard times, and rightly so. The question is, who's the best person to address their needs -- the guy who grew up middle class, or the woman whose efforts to appear middle class begin and end in a bar?

In the past week, we've seen Bill Clinton brazenly lie to cover up Hillary's brazen lies. We've seen her pander to the working class by painting herself as a "praise God, pass the ammunition" alcoholic. We've seen that there isn't a staged event she considers too insulting to our intelligence, or a story she wouldn't needlessly embellish to win our votes. She's become so mind-numbingly phony -- so completely transparent, that anyone -- even a stupid little housewife (her assessment, not mine) can see it plain as a duck in a rifle scope.

Don't be fooled, working people of Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia and North Carolina. Don't be duped into eating out of Hillary's $109M hands the way the media is bound to do all week. Don't forget that while Obama may suck at bowling, at least he's no suck up. And above all, don't forget what Hillary Rodham Clinton really is:

A blueblood in blue-collared clothing.

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