17 Times Santa Had More Important Sh*t To Do Than Deliver Your Presents

Santa Claus's annual Christmas Eve global gift-delivery service has become an essential part of the Christmas season itself. But, as is true for any cultural icon, Santa maintains an impenetrable mystique -- until now, that is. Here are 17 off-duty photos that reveal the man behind the myth as he goes through his everyday, normal-person routine:

1. When he had to pick up his dry cleaning.

Chocolate stains velvet like you wouldn't believe.

2. When he needed to blow off some steam.

And getting a little too holly-jolly along the way.

3. When he just wanted to feel hip.

TK gifs

Quit frontin', Santa.

4. When he was scavenging for recyclables.

This year, all toy trains will be made of up-cycled aluminum

5. When he was hankering for a cheeseburger.

After all, this guy's basically the patron saint of efficient travel.

6. When he took a cat nap.

Boy, that that one night of manual labor a year sure wears a guy out.

7. When he was working on his bod.

Santa interval trains for endurance.

8. When he was having a mid-life crisis.

Isn't Santa allowed to do something for himself for once??

9. When he soaked up some sun.

Be kind; don't make fun of his hat tan.

10. When his reindeer had the day off.

It's good for Santa to ride with the people, now and again.

11. When he had a run-in with the cops.

TK gifs

Don't they know who he is??

12. When he communed with nature.


He's working on his SCUBA license.

13. When he was trying to be a cowboy.

TK gifs

Grass is always greener....

14. When he sought some mid-holiday stress relief.

When you've got the weight of Christmas on your shoulders, elf masseurs just don't cut it.

15. When he went to his day job.

Christmas is his passion, but it doesn't always pay the bills.

16. When he greeted his son at the airport.

Lil' Claus is looking more and more like his dad everyday.

17. When he was crafting the perfect Tweet.


"WTF.. these kids left out graham crackers, dude. Somebody's gettin' coal for x-mas :P"

What can we glean from this insight into the life and times of Father Christmas? Well, Santa may be in charge of single-handedly coordinating the largest annual present distribution initiative in the world ... but at the end of the day, he still picks up his own dry cleaning.