Norman Reedus Could Take You On A Date To 'The Walking Dead' Premiere


"If Daryl dates, we riot" was probably the mantra of some "Walking Dead" fans when they heard rumors about Norman Reedus going steady with his co-star Emily Kinney. Good news, fans. Reedus' rep says those rumors are false, and even better, now you can take Kinney's place.

Reedus is teaming up with Omaze to make money for Make-A-Wish, and to do so, he's offering a lucky fan the chance to attend the "Walking Dead" Season 6 premiere with him, hang out at New York Comic Con and also get a little chow.

Just imagine hanging out at Madison Square Garden for the premiere with the dude who plays Daryl Dixon, wondering if he'll lick your face goodnight and making small talk out of Rick Grimes' 3 questions.

"So, Norman, I don't want to be too forward, but how many people have you killed and why?" 

Dang. Talk about romantic. 

The best news of all is this pretty much guarantees Reedus' character will at least make it through the Season 6 premiere. Or else, prepare for things to get awkward. 

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H/T Yahoo

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