Norman Reedus Crushes Hope That Glenn Is Alive On 'The Walking Dead'

It's not looking good for Glenn ... or is it?

Warning, spoilers

For weeks, fans of "The Walking Dead" have been wondering if Glenn actually died earlier this season and now the mystery is starting to reach Jon Snow-levels of curiosity. 

After Sunday night's episode, those same fans were left with a glimmer of hope after a voice was heard saying, "Help" over walkie talkie/radio. Well, here comes the show's lead Norman Reedus to stomp all over your dreams.

"I will say that voice is not Glenn," the star revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "It’s not Glenn. But it’s probably somebody at Alexandria with all we know that’s happening there."

"(Laughing) I saw what I saw [in the episode]! You can make theories this way or that way but whatever you see is right. So whatever your take on that is, you saw what you saw and you're reacting to what you saw. I had the same feeling that everyone else had when they saw it and I was in the episode -- I was pissed! I was mad at AMC and mad at everybody -- but that's the point. He's such a beloved character and I'm rooting for him, too. But I saw what I saw."

Of course, Reedus isn't the only cast member to comment on Glenn's fate. Michael Traynor, who plays Nicholas, previously told The Huffington Post, "Glenn will always be alive in our hearts no matter the reality of his fictional status."

So is Glenn really dead? We guess you just have to keep watching the show ...


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