Duke Student Goes Undercover To Dupe UNC Students Into Praising Hated Rivals

Poor, poor kids.

Trading his prized deep, royal blue for the lighter shade of Carolina blue, Jackson Steger of the Duke broadcasting team took advantage of college basketball rivalry week to try to prove his school’s superiority over enemy UNC.

Dressed in disguise, the secret Blue Devil host asked unsuspecting Carolina students trick questions about the Tar Heel basketball program. Mentioning past and present iconic Duke players that UNC students are inherently supposed to loathe, Steger convinces Tar Heel students to declare their allegiance towards Christian Laettner, Grayson Allen and Brandon Ingram. The horror.

Highlights include:

  • "Do you think that Grayson Allen is going to lead [North Carolina] to victory?" "Hell yeah!"
  • "Talk about the campus-wide respect that everyone here has for Christian Laettner." "I think a lot of people like him, so yeah. I know a lot of friends like him."
  • "Do you think the addition of freshman Brandon Ingram is going to help?" "I think it could definitely help. I think always kind of freshening up the rotation sometimes [helps]. The older guys are probably getting tired."

Poor Carolina students. But with March right around the corner and college hoops season finally heating up, we should only expect more of these campus shenanigans in the coming weeks.

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