Couple Is Trying To Make Personal Shark Cages A Thing

A lifeguard had to tell them it was a bad idea.

North Carolina's surge of shark attacks won't stop one couple from enjoying their day at the beach.

Holding personal shark cage contraptions over their heads, the duo was caught on camera Sunday, marching into the water at Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.

"These people are going swimming in their shark-proof cages," Jordan Cutrell said while filming the video above. "They don't want to get bit."

Before the couple could get very far into the water, a lifeguard asked them to return to shore.

The cages, Cutrell told WBTV, appeared to be made of PVC pipe. They "obviously wouldn't and couldn't be seriously used to go swimming with sharks," she said.

Cutrell later posted the video to 94.5 WXMS's Facebook page and explained that the couple was trying to promote a "shark proof cage invention."

The couple was visiting from Richmond, Virginia, The Outer Banks Voice reports, and are now North Carolina celebrities, thanks to the stunt.

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