North Carolina State University Video: Is This What College Was Like In The '80s?

Boom boxes, Pac-Man arcade games, men in short shorts. Is this what college was like in the 1980s?

This retro video supposedly documents what life was like at North Carolina State University during a totally tubular decade. According to the video’s YouTube description, it was made by a former student at the college.

With shots of girls in bikinis and boys playing Frisbee, the video depicts a relaxed campus chock-full of attractive, party-friendly students. Although this idealization might not be the most accurate documentation what college was like for every NC State student in the '80s, it does seem like it would have been a great location for a Brat Pack movie.

However, at least one YouTube commenter thinks the video is pretty accurate, writing, "hehe not much has changed." Another notes that the campus looks pretty similar today: "All that grass is still there - the trees are just now four times bigger."

What do you think of this video? Let us know in the comments section.

(Hat tip, Total Frat Movie)



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