Here's An Exclusive Look At The North Korean Cheer Squad's Olympic Debut

Let the games begin.

North Korea’s all-female cheer squad performed one day before the kickoff to the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, playing popular Korean tunes to the delight of the country’s 22 participating athletes. 

In exclusive HuffPost Korea video, the the 229-person ensemble, donning red and yellow uniforms, can be seen marching in formation and playing peppy music. The official mascot for the games, Soohorang, led some of the athletes in a dance. 

HuffPost Korea caught some of the cheerleaders on camera in a rare unscripted moment, fretting over a missing drum. 

The North Korean Olympic delegation consists of musicians, journalists, singers, dancers and a taekwondo team.

The Samjiyon orchestra is expected to perform on Thursday, and again in Seoul on Sunday. More than 150,000 South Koreans tried to snag tickets to see the orchestra, but only 1,060 were available, CNBC reported.