North Korea Threatens Colorado Springs, Confuses It With Another City, In Latest Propaganda Video

Bad news, Arkansas, it looks like you may be taking the brunt of some misplaced aggression from North Korea.

That's according to the despotic regime's latest propaganda video, which spells out a list of nuclear targets in the United States, yet falls short in the critical subject of geography. At the video's 1:20 mark, the narrator says "Colorado Springs" while an arrow helpfully illustrates a rocket's potential path from North Korea, 1,000 miles past Colorado, and straight into the heart of what appears to be Little Rock, Ark.

Other targets listed in the video include Washington, Los Angeles, and Honolulu. In case the intentions of the video aren't 100-percent clear, each city on the target map bursts into flames beginning at approximately the 2:50 mark.

On a more serious note, per the Washington Post, North Korea's "KN-08" missile isn't considered capable of traveling the distances necessary to threaten these cities; it's also extremely unlikely it could travel the distance with any sort of accuracy.

Experts at the Nautilus Institute, a self-described security and sustainability think tank specializing in the Asia Pacific region, believe North Korea may have intended to target Barksdale Air Force Base, located in Shreveport, La.

WATCH the full video, below: