North Korea Says It's Ready For War With Massive Military Parade

It may be the largest military parade the country has ever hosted.

North Korea is "ready to fight any kind of war" waged by the U.S., leader Kim Jong Un said Saturday, and the hermit kingdom had a giant military parade to prove it.

The procession in capital Pyongyang's main Kim Il Sung Square marked the 70th anniversary of the nation's ruling Workers' Party and featured a myriad of military processions and colorful dance performances, all in immaculate synchrony. It appears to be one one of the largest military parades the country has ever thrown, according to The New York Times.

Elaborate celebrations continued the next day with a dolphin trick show attended by North Koreans and international media.

"The crowd cheered and laughed as the dolphins performed their tricks to music," reported British outlet Sky News, which gained access to the event. "It was, as far as we could make out, genuine enjoyment."

While the celebrations in Pyongyang were ornate, human rights groups say that most of the country's citizens are harshly repressed and suffering under horrific living conditions.

Check out photos below of the showy procession.

ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images
North Korean soldiers march in Kim Il-Sung Square, Saturday, Oct 10, 2015.
ED JONES/Getty Images
North Koreans wearing traditional "hanbok" dresses wave flowers during a military parade Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015.
ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images
Dancers perform during the mass military parade.
ED JONES/Getty Images
Dancers perform in the parade.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, third from left, along with Liu Yunshan, China's Communist Party's No. 5 leader, fourth from left, salutes during the ceremony to mark the 70th anniversary of the country's ruling party.
ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images
Female soldiers march in Kim Il-Sung Square.
ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images
North Korean soldiers march in a military parade.
Wong Maye-E/Associated Press
North Korean soldiers wave as they parade past Kim Jong Un.
AP Photo/Wong Maye-E
North Koreans wave decorative flowers as they parade in the capital.
ED JONES/Getty Images
Kim Jong Un and Liu Yunshan wave to parade participants from a balcony.
ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images
Parade participants wave flowers in front of a portrait of Kim Jong Un.
ED JONES via Getty Images
Participants hold flags as they pass through Kim Il Sung Square.
ED JONES/Getty Images
Participants wave flowers towards North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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