Features Of North Korea's Red Star Computer Operating System

Could it be worse than Windows Vista?

Researchers have finally had a chance to dive into North Korea's homemade, Linux-based operating system called Red Star OS, and it seems to be a direct reflection of the dictatorial regime itself. Apparently, the system offers the "illusion of technological progress" while maintaining total surveillance of users' activities. 

Here are just some of the features we imagine might be a part of the latest edition of North Korea's Red Star OS.


That paper clip guy will show up, but only to bully you.


Updates are as painfully regular as Windows, but they only remove features.


Red Star Minesweeper controls actual fields of mines where people may or may not be toiling. Play with caution.


Red Star Solitaire is exactly like normal Solitaire, except the screen is totally blacked out, to replicate the North Korean style of play: alone in a pitch-black prison cell. 


The default home screen is identical to the green rolling hills of the Windows XP default desktop. Kim Jong Un thought it would be a nice gesture to let his people see real grass.


Red Star's email program is similar to Outlook, but is called Lookout! With Lookout! Kim Jong Un is cc'd on everything. So, you know.... look out.


And, finally, Red Star's desktop trash bin.



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