North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong-il, Punishes the Football Team for Failure at South Africa!

Just like his ill-fated counter part in Iraq (Saddam Hussein), Kim Jong-il of North Korea subjected the entire North Korean football team to public humiliation.

After losing all three games at the preliminary stage in South Africa, all players were gathered in the People's Palace of Culture in the capital Pyongyang, to face 400 students reprimanding them in a six hour cession.

Reports indicate that in the past, North Korean athletes and coaches who performed badly were sent to prison camps.

The world witnessed a similar situation in Iraq a few years back when Iraqi dictator's psychopathic son, Uday Hussein, who was in charge of the Iraqi Olympic Committee, subjected the Iraqi players to tortures and beatings, degrading them for every defeat.

After a respectable loss to five time world champions Brazil (2-1), North Koreans lost their next match to Portugal 7-0, before giving up the last game 3-0 to Ivory Coast.

Radio Free Asia (RFA), claimed the admonishment took place on July 2, but news only leaked out of the notoriously secretive country this week.

For this, the Dictator of The Day Award goes to Kim Jong-il