North Korean KCTV Anchor Is Super Excited About Rocket Launch (VIDEO)

WATCH: What Has This North Korea Anchor So Overly Excited?

What has this North Korean KCTV anchor in such a fluster of excitement? Why, the successful launch of North Korea's Unha-3 rocket and satellite of course.

The exuberant announcement begins with the anchor proclaiming, "The second version of satellite Kwangmyongsong successfully lifted off from the Sohae Space Center in Cholsan County, North Pyongan Province by carrier rocket Unha-3 on December 12. The Satellite entered its present orbit."

The launch has been condemned internationally, but that hasn't stopped the internet from commenting on the dramatic presentation of the news from North Korea's official state news station.

Users of China's popular microblogging platform Sina Weibo have already posted over 6500 comments on "Overly Dramatic Anchor" from North korea and opinions on the launch itself.

From user 朴美帼, "[I'm] very excited and proud... South Korea can't send a rocket into space because they don't believe in the invincible Juche idea [and they] aren't under the great leadership of Comrade Kim Jong-un. The [North] Korean people continue to learn from the people of China's great spirit of independence and self-reliance, and are embarking on a journey towards self-confidence. Long live the China-DPRK friendship! Down with Japanese and U.S. imperialism."

Weibo user 就要红先生 doesn't agree, "[This is] a feudal dynasty where people are hungry, where leaders are thinking all day about how to maintain power, to brainwash citizens… seeing this makes me sick, and it's shocking that some in China support this country. Sad."

A few comments translated by The Ministry of Tofu:

回眸孤独的狼:"Wasn’t CCAV just like this a few decades ago? What’s so funny about it? We were like this back then."

水火云泥:"This anchorwoman’s voice is even more forceful than the rocket launch!!!"

While the North Korean news program may have recently gotten a more modern facelift, the presentation has remained the same. In understanding the anchor's excitement, it is also worth noting that the North Korea Central News Agency also recently declared they discovered a "secret unicorn lair."

Dominique Mosbergen contributed to this story.

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