North West Is Afraid Of Snapchat And It's Really Adorable

She's definitely more of an Instagram kind of girl.

Kim Kardashian managed to find time in between sharing nude photos and standing up against slut-shamers to join Snapchat this week. 

The idea of attempting to keep up with Kardashian on yet another social media platform is, frankly, exhausting. But, it's already given us at least one video that's worth it.  

On Thursday, the reality star shared a so-cute-it-hurts video of her 2-year-old daughter North West, who is apparently more of an Instagram kind of girl.

"Snapchat. I'm scared of Snapchat," North is heard telling her mother, who seems rather perplexed. 

"You're scared of Snapchat? Why?" Kardashian asks, before realizing, "Oh, the filters with the crazy faces."

She means filters like this:

And this:

Kardashian later snapped a photo of herself  and North, who looked non-plussed to say the least. 

We can definitely understand how North would be a little freaked out, though we have a feeling the she'll come around to it eventually. She is a Kardashian after all. 

Of course she's a West, too: 


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The Cuteness of North West