North West Can't Even Take A Bath Without Kanye Trying To Make It Art

And she's really not having it.

Imagine just trying to be a normal 3-year-old when your dad considers himself to be “the number one most impactful artist of our generation.” Where a trip to the park can’t happen unless Olivier Rousteing has specifically designed a Balmain onesie for the occasion, and you have to cancel playdates because your parents insist on posing for Vogue.

These, ladies and gents, are the woes of North West.

Sleeping Beauty

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North, also known as “Nori” in some circles, normally goes along with her parent’s shenanigans, tolerating them when they put up a ferris wheel for her second birthday or when her mom tests out every single Snapchat filter on her.

North’s ever-present side eye is a constant reminder to all of us that she is simply humoring her parents, and she is indeed better than us in every way.


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She’s tried to tell them in the past that the spotlight is simply not for her, but it apparently fell on deaf ears.



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When you’re North West, bath time is never simply bath time.

Good ol’ dad Kanye West just had to turn a relaxing bath into a light installation. Where are the bubbles? Where is the L’Oreal fish shampoo?!

The look on North’s face says it all. Now, Kanye, please politely remove her from the tub so she can go back to doing more important things, like planning her inevitable world takeover. 

Because North is. Over. It.



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