Look Inside North West's Closet If You Dare

Spoiler: It's probably bigger than yours.

As heiress to the Kardashian-West empire, North West is one of the most famous toddlers on the planet. She's also a ballerina in training and a would-be soccer star.  


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Balmain is a staple of her wardrobe: 

My little Balmain Ballerina

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She sits front row at Fashion Week shows:

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And she's was featured in Vogue before she hit most of her developmental milestones:

Yeah, she's living the life. And as one might expect, her closet is not that of your average 3-year-old. Her mother Kim Kardashian confirmed this with an Instagram photo of the tyke dressed up as Minnie Mouse (she's a big Minnie fan), while playing in her walk-in. And as we suspected, her closet is probably bigger than yours -- it's bigger than ours. 

It's gonna be a long night...

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But even with a closet the size of a small New York City apartment, the kid is going to have to upgrade soon. Kardashian previously revealed she has a "full archive" of everything she's worn that's just waiting for North when she grows up.

Now, that will be one hell of a closet. 

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