North West Sends Her First Tweet And We're Sure Kim K Is Happy About It

Kids tweet the darndest things!

Once upon a time, Kim Kardashian told her Instagram followers that North West, her little 2-year-old, posted a hot photo of her mother by accident. 

While we naturally assumed that North was a social media superstar-in-training, the Internet was a little skeptical that North was such a prodigy. 

"No one believed me, but I swear North posted this -- she's always following and unfollowing people on Twitter!" said Kardashian a few weeks ago. "I deleted it and then put it back up because why not, haha!!!"  

Over the weekend, North was up to her phone antics once again, posting her first tweet that we genuinely believe she wrote herself: 

It took Kim a few hours, but she later realized her daughter sent out a tweet to her 37.8 million followers: 

For the record, North's tweet has more retweets and favorites than her mom's. 

Somewhere, Kanye is probably giving his little daughter this speech: "Yo North, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish, but Kim is one of the best tweeters of all time..." 

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