North West Photos Not For Sale? Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Turn Down Millions For First Pics

Kim And Kanye Turn Down Millions For First North West Pics

If you're still holding on to the dream that you might catch your first look at what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter North West looks like on the cover of a tabloid magazine, well, dream on.

TMZ reports that the couple have already passed on several impressive offers , including one as high as $3 million for the first photos of North West.

Sources told the website that Kimye thought about selling photos of little Nori, as they've nicknamed her, and then donating the money to charity the way other stars have done, but they decided against it.

At this time, the couple has reportedly decided to follow in the footsteps of one of two other famous couples. Sources claim they are either going to release a photo spread in a high-end magazine, such as Vanity Fair, the way Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes did when they introduced Suri to the world back in October 2006. Or, they'll give the magazines the metaphorical middle finger, and they'll simply do what pals Jay Z and Beyonce did, and release photos on their own time via some sort of social media.

If we were taking bets we'd put our money on Kimye taking the Tom and Katie route with a spread in a fancy magazine. Though Kardashian has done an incredible job of staying out of the spotlight since she gave birth two months ago, it's simply not her style to choose what might be better for her personal life over her business and her brand. And given all the the stunts and fake out photos of North West we've seen in recent weeks, we can't help but feel like Kimye has some sort of grand debut in the works to introduce their offspring to the planet.

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