North West Verbally Attacked By Racist Woman On Plane

North West Verbally Attacked By Racist Woman On Plane

After what turned out to be "the trip from hell" to Vienna, Austria, the Kardashians didn't have an easier time on their first class flight home to Los Angeles, Kim revealed during the latest episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" on June 29.

After being accosted by a man in full blackface mimicking Kanye West at the Vienna Ball, Kim revealed that on their flight home a woman started screaming at her daughter North.

"Mom had the baby, I fell asleep, I woke up to this woman screaming, 'Kanye West’s baby!' The woman is screaming at my child, I jump up," she recounted, before her sister Khloe interjected: "I would’ve punched her in her face."

"No, we were on a plane. I wanted to," Kim replied. "It was crazy."

"This lady stood up in the cabin in first class and yelled at the top of her lungs, 'She’s with a black guy, and that baby is black! And you need to shut that black baby up!'" Kris told Khloe.

Always the one with the answers, Khloe told her mother and sister, "I would say, 'Hashtag, fact my baby is black. Hashtag, I only like black c**k!' That’s what I would say!"

Kim went on to say that the woman then started talking about her sex tape with former boyfriend Ray J, shouting, "'And she has a sex video with a black guy. How disgusting, with a black guy.' Like going on and on."

According to Kim, the pilot had to come out and told the woman they were going to call the LAPD as soon as they landed, before the woman's husband apparently sat on her and told her to "shut up."

"It was the trip from hell. It was so racist," Kim said.

We're slightly confused as to how we're only hearing about this incident now, but then again, the show also made it seem like Kim immediately penned a blog post in response to what happened at the Vienna Ball. While the 33-year-old did in fact write a blog post about her experiences with racism, she didn't post it until a full three months after the incidents in Vienna and on the plane occurred.

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