Even North West's Time Outs Are Hilariously Luxurious

Like mother, like daughter.

North West isn’t necessarily what you would call the average kid. But when she acts out ― and she’s not busy helping design her parents’ clothing line for children or having her hair done by celebrity stylists ― she is still sentenced to time outs like regular kids.

Or is she? Kim Kardashian posted a photo of the 4-going-on-45-year-old on Instagram Tuesday that shows that even the most mundane aspects of her childhood are totally luxurious.

“That time North gets a time out & is a little too quiet... I go in her room to check on her & she’s in the bathroom, made her own spa & tells me she’s chilling out 😂,” Kardashian West captioned a photo of North relaxing with a towel over her body and face.

To be fair, hanging out at a spa seems like a pretty solid way to take some time for yourself. To also be fair, West is four.