North West Was The Best Part Of Kanye West's Yeezy Spring 2016 Presentation

North for president!

Kanye West presented his Yeezy Spring 2016 collection during New York Fashion Week on Wednesday, but while everyone else was focused on the clothes, we were busy giving all our attention to little North West.

The daughter of Ye and Kim Kardashian, dressed in her mini beige hoodie and leggings, was, hands down, the best part of the entire presentation. Judging by the photos of the toddler, she couldn't care less that she was rubbing shoulders with Anna Wintour and Riccardo Tisci (she is only 2, after all). Or maybe she just knows she's already more famous than most of the other plebeians who were in attendance. Or maybe, and most likely, she was enjoying her lollipop too much to care about anything else. 

(Side note: While North was obviously the star of the show, Jaden Smith's photo-bomb in this first pic gives him runner-up status. When you see it ... )


On their way to the presentation, North and Kim shared an adorable mother-daughter moment, which was captured on video by Complex style editor Karizza Sanchez. (Stars, they're just like us!) Kim also shared the clip on her new website. We can't even deal with how cute this video is. 

During the show, the tot was pretty restless, moving around from her mom's lap to the floor, eventually moving to her aunt Kourtney's lap. She watched on as her other aunt, Kylie Jenner, walked out onto the runway. Though she may have seemed a little unimpressed, North definitely had way more chill this year than she did last time around. She even got in on some photo ops with the rest of her squad aunts backstage. 

Say what you will about Kimye, but they made a damn cute child. 

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