Rare Double Sighting In New Hampshire As Northern Lights Battle The Full Moon

Mount Washington sighting caught on camera.

Early-risers in parts of New Hampshire got a rare treat over the weekend when the northern lights shared the skies with a full moon

The Mount Washington Observatory, a private nonprofit organization that studies weather and climate, shared an image of the unusual aurora borealis sighting on social media:

It’s a rarity to get a full moon with the addition of northern lights,” night observer Ryan Knapp told the Boston Globe. He said he’s only seen it twice in 12 years. 

The northern lights are caused by electrons hitting the upper atmosphere. As the name implies, they are more in far northern latitudes, but when the conditions are right, the aurora borealis can be seen in the northern parts of the United States

Mount Washington’s 6,288-foot peak is the highest point in the northeast. In addition to the occasional aurora, it’s also known for its frequent high winds, with a 1934 gust recorded at 231 miles per hour.



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