Norwegian Skier Captures Incredible Electric Arc (VIDEO)

In just a few seconds, a regular ski trip turned into quite the spectacle.

Steinar Midtskogen was enjoying a day on the Norefjell mountain range in Norway with his children, when he suddenly heard a loud sound in the forest about 50 feet away.

What he caught on camera was a shocking and mesmerizing combination of fire and electricity. It appears some sort of transformer exploded, and the result was a rarely seen phenomena known as electrical arcing -- all with a little fire to add to the mix.

An electric arc is when an electrical current passes between two conductors through air or some other gas. In most cases, the gas between the two conductors will ionize and become an electrical current that produces light and heat.

Thankfully, Midtskogen had a camera on him and was able to catch this spectacular show first hand.



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