Nostalgia Theater Podcast: The Making of X-Men: The Animated Series !

25 years ago last October, the Fox network debuted the X-Men animated series as part of its Saturday morning lineup. Along with Batman: The Animated Series, which had premiered two months earlier, this was really a turning point in terms of how action and adventure shows were presented for animation, and it was a real leap forward for complex, serialized storytelling, which had basically been unheard of in American animation outside of imported shows like Robotech in the mid-’80s. And while it was an instant sensation upon release, the road to getting X-Men to the scree was no easy feat, and here to discuss that with me are writer-producers Eric & Julia Lewald, who were instrumental in making X-Men what it was. Eric has a new book out entitled Previously on X-Men: The Making of an Animated Series, which offers his behind-the-scenes perspective on getting the show on the air. Click below to listen, or subscribe at iTunes, Stitcher Radio, TuneIn Radio, or Google Play (and remember to leave a review!). As always, send all questions or comments our way via, and don't forget to hit "like" on our Facebook page.

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