Nostalgia Theater Podcast: Star Trek 50th Anniversary Commentary Track!

Star Trek month continues here at Nostalgia Theater! This week I'm joined by Star Trek comic writer and novelist
Glenn Greenberg for a fun and far ranging commentary track conversation as we watch the second pilot of the original Star Trek series, "Where No Man Has Gone Before," which ended up selling the series to NBC. In addition to offering our observations and analyses of what's onscreen, we also cover a lot of our own personal Trek history and examine what it is about the franchise that's made us fans for so long.

You can either pop in your blu-ray or queue the episode up via streaming to watch along with us, or just listen as we chat. Either way, you'll find a lot of fun and interesting info, so settle in, hit "play," and get ready to boldly go! Listen the show via the embed below, or subscribe at iTunesStitcher RadioTuneIn Radio, or Google Play (and remember to leave a review!). As always, send all questions or comments our way via, and don't forget to hit "like" on our Facebook page.