Nostalgia Theater Podcast: Thirty Years of <i>Labyrinth</i>!

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It was thirty years ago that Jareth the Goblin King (David Bowie) first invited young Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) into his magical, mysterious maze in the Jim Henson-directed classic
. As I discussed in
, the film didn't land with audiences at the time, it's become a beloved, multi-generational cult artifact in the years since, with its mix of dazzling puppetry and compelling performances making it feel as timeless today as when it was first released.

For the latest Nostalgia Theater show, I celebrate this auspicious anniversary with my special guests Terry J. Erdmann & Paula M. Block, authors of the brand-new book Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History. Join us for a fun chat as we track the film's origins, secrets of its casting, plans for a sequel, and why there can never be another Goblin King who can ever match the late, great David Bowie. Check it out at the embed below, or subscribe at iTunes, Stitcher Radio, TuneIn Radio, or Google Play (and remember to leave a review!). As always, send all questions or comments our way via, and don't forget to hit "like" on our Facebook page.

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