Not 83 Anymore: Vampire Daughter in Hotel Transylvania

You know the 3D animated feature Hotel Transylvania is for kids because it starts with diaper changing, fart, and piss jokes aplenty. Fortunately, it moves on to be a father-daughter tale about tolerance.

Mavis is turning 118 and her doting dad Count Dracula wants to throw her the party of the year. The venue is the castle/ hotel he's built to shut her in. The guests are the ghouls she's grown to love. The cuisine may involve a 21 year old red-headed human named Jonathan, unwittingly crashing, with backpack and hopes for adventure. Appearing to be related to Frankenstein, he helps plan the party. One "zing" leads to another.

Ah to be a vampire! You may have a birthday but no signs of age-ing! The Count should have asked Peggy Siegal for help in party planning. Last week, to celebrate this animated 3D treat, Dylan's Candy store served up sliders, Reuben sandwiches, and cupcakes decorated to celebrate the movie's characters. Kids of Mariska Hargitay & Peter Hermann and Ali Wentworth & George Stephanopolis colored t-shirts adorned with the lovable monsters. Others, Mort Zuckerman, Mark Feuerstein, and Gabourey Sidibe enjoyed their inner child.

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