12 Things You Understand If You're Not An Animal Person

Telling someone that you don't like animals seems to be one of the most offensive things you can say out loud. People are fanatical about their furry friends, and the minute you say you don't love them, too, you'll probably hear something like this: "I don't trust people who don't like animals."

But we wanted to create a safe space for all the non-pet lovers out there. Because, let's face it, not everyone is a cat person. Or a dog person. Some people would rather not come home to fur all over the couch or pee on the floor. And some people are plain ol' allergic to household animals. So we asked the often ostracized, non-pet-loving members of the HuffPost Lifestyle Facebook community to sound off on all the annoyances they face. Here is what they had to say:

1. "What peeves me the most is the humanizing of your pet. It's an animal, not a person." -- Facebook user, Grendel Sven

2. "When I tell people I am not vegan for the animals, I basically get thrown to the wolves. (Shit. I don't even like wolves). [And] when my newsfeed is filled with pictures of pit bulls with hats on or kittens licking iguanas, my cute factor chemical is just not stimulated. Sorry." -- Facebook user Tara Leffler

3. "Pet hair." -- Facebook user Melanie Wentz Higgins

4. "Dog people who think their dogs have the 'right' to be off leash at our neighborhood park." -- Facebook user Susanne EliseMarie

5. "I hate how 'animal lovers' pick and choose what animals are important while judging you because you said you don't like cats." -- Facebook user, Renada Nedrick

6. "Being sniffed randomly by a dog and the owner telling me how sweet he or she is." -- Facebook user Lisa Hunter

7. "Wet animal smell." -- Facebook user Bobby Comins

8. "Having to pretend that I care about other people's [pets] so they aren't offended. It makes me feel awkward." -- Facebook user Petric Kerley

9. "Seeing people equate having an animal with parenthood. I get that they love their pets, but having an animal is not as complex nor as important as raising a human being." -- Facebook user Cassidy Donaldson

10. "Baby talk. Blech" -- Facebook user Kathleen Taylor

11. "Anywhere you go, dog owners bring their pets along. At the fair, festivals, etc." -- Facebook user Archer D. Ly

12. "Dealing with all the hate ... I wish people could be more understanding that not everyone is into animals." -- Facebook user Natalie Howard

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