Not Another Transgender Tragedy

This is not another story of a transgender tragedy. No, this is a story of success! This is the sort of story that our LGBT community needs to hear more of, a story that educates and inspires.

This is the story of Andri Tremonte and his journey from past, to present and exciting future. His story from the young women's group in the Mormon Church to the finding an amazing gender affirming therapist. His search for the best medical care and understanding the costs of his future.

Andi isn't your average guy living in Utah. He is anything but average and has a heart so big he wants to help others - help others understand, help others heal and help others thrive.

On this week's Queer Money, the Debt Free Guys meet Andi and join roughly 16 percent of Americans who can call trans person a friend. Andi shares what it was like being transgender and growing up in The Church of Latter Day Saints, coming out as a lesbian and then realizing he is transgender.

Andi's story from coming out to his friends and family as transgender to deciding on gender reassignment surgery will be heartening to anyone who is or knows someone who is transgender.

The Financial Costs of Being Transgender

To help those considering gender reassignment, we cover the financial costs of gender reassignment, including the cost of using a gender-affirming therapist, the cost of medications and the surgeries themselves. We discuss what's covered under health insurance, what's the responsibility of the transgender person and options transgender people must fund their transition if they so choose.

Andi shares the total costs of fully transitioning from female to male and the ongoing treatment and associated costs, including legally changing one's gender identity.

This podcast is to help anyone who is transgender understand the short-term and long-term costs associated with transitioning. It's also to help those who know transgender people to better understand some of what transgender people face.

Listen to The Economics of Being Trans on Queer Money