Not Even Merriam-Webster Knows What A 'Mazel Tov Cocktail' Is

But if you want to make one, Twitter suggests breaking out the Manischewitz.

Scottie Nell Hughes’ flub on CNN has Twitter in a tizzy.

In discussing the 2012 music video for Jay Z and Kanye West’s /"}}">“No Church in the Wild,” which featured Molotov cocktails being thrown in an opening scene, the political commentator called the improvised explosive devices “mazel tov cocktails.”

Naturally, the world was like: What the f**k is a “mazel tov cocktail”?

Not even the word experts — and inadvertent election watchdogs — at Merriam-Webster had any answers.

It didn’t take long for people on Twitter to take some educated guesses on what might be in a “mazel tov cocktail,” you know, if it existed. The results are hilarious:

This is why “Manischewitz” is also trending on Twitter, if you were wondering.

Look out for “mazel tov cocktails” at your local bar this Tuesday, because odds are high that these are going to start cropping up everywhere.

Cheers to the election almost being over!



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