Not Everyone Is Going to Love You

note with red heart sticking on tree
note with red heart sticking on tree

Jeremy Thomas via Unsplash

As we age and grow and morph into the beautifully imperfect creatures that we all are, we inevitably experience heartbreak -- the loss of love. That loss can often lead to confusion, self-doubt, endless "what ifs," and a constant re-playing of the sparkly memories shared with a lover who is now no more than a ghost. It can tear at our insides, claw at our hearts and make our brains feel like they are on a Tilt-A-Whirl. The greatest irony of love is that it often brings pain along for the ride. Broken hearts simply love harder.

But it's only when we realize that lovers don't have infinite shelf-lives, that we can truly appreciate the magic in the moments shared. Once we accept the enormity of everything -- the transitory nature of life and love -- we can be sincerely grateful for those people who come into our lives and leave grand imprints on our hearts.

You see, not everyone is meant to love you. Not everyone is meant to stay. Not everyone is cut out for the compromises, sacrifices and emotional turbulence that comes with loving you. And that is ok. You have poetry pulsing through your veins that some people will not be able to read; symphonies that some will not be able to hear. You have vast galaxies in your eyes that cannot be seen without a telescope. You have a raging fire burning in your unquiet mind that some people will try to extinguish. Do not let them. Don't ever let someone crush your whimsy. Don't let someone's leaving be the act that dims your bright light.

You will find love again. Maybe it will be an old flame that never died out in the first place. Maybe it will be a new, unexpected love. Love will come to you in the strangest of places, at the most unexpected times. Love will replace the entropy. Embrace it. Be open. Be honest. Give love away without fear. There is a huge strength in being actively vulnerable. There is courage in expressing yourself. Never be scared to love too deeply. Never be ashamed to fight for love. Never give up. Never be afraid to love madly -- passionately -- and never apologize for wanting the same in return. Love unconditionally. But understand that love isn't always grounded -- it is ever-changing and intangible. Be aware of the fact that not everyone you love will know how to love you back. But the ones who do will make it all worth it.

Pay attention to the ones who really see and understand you. Pay attention to the ones who wait, who take chances. Pay attention to the ones who love you for your flaws, not in spite of them. Accept the fluidity of love, as it comes in many different forms. Never stop searching for the magic in others, and most importantly, never let that magic die within yourself.