'Not Fade Away' Trailer: David Chase's 'Sopranos' Follow-Up Includes James Gandolfini, No Mobsters (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'Sopranos' Creator's First Film

David Chase's "Not Fade Away" premiered at the New York Film Festival on Friday morning, and in a bid to capitalize on that buzz, Paramount has unveiled the first trailer for the film.

Chase's feature directorial debut (and his first project since "The Sopranos") focuses on three friends (played by John Magaro, Jack Huston and Will Brill) who form a rock band in the 1960s. James Gandolfini, who memorably played Tony Soprano on Chase's seminal HBO series, stars as one of the boys' fathers.

"It's a period piece composed of familiar pieces, none of which have much to say beyond surface elements that have been explored countless times before," Indiewire critic Eric Kohn wrote after the New York Film Festival screening. "Using a typical coming-of-age mold, Chase turns cultural ephemera into formula."

Critic Matt Singer didn't agree. "Guess I shouldn't be surprised that the guy who made one of the best TV shows in history could craft a damn good movie," he wrote on Twitter.

Watch the trailer for "Not Fade Away" above. Check back to HuffPost Entertainment over the weekend for more from the film's New York debut.

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