Not For My Sake, Not For God's Sake, But For F#%!'s Sake -- Vote for Hillary!

I won't be saying that when I do my phone bank stint for the Get Out The Vote push but that's what I'll be thinking when I calmly and rationally make the case for Hillary Clinton to swing voters.

As a Green Card holding permanent U.S. resident, I don't get to vote but I'm doing what I can to help elect Madam President. I've been chipping in $8 to her election fund every time "He Who Must Not Be Named" says or does something outrageous. That's quite a tidy sum.

As fellow Brit Edmund Burke said many years ago, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men (and women!) do nothing." I'm not usually a believer in conspiracy theories but I can't sit this one out when it would appear that republicans will do and say anything to stop Hillary getting this important job.

Hillary is the only choice for America and the best choice for the rest of the world. And, please America, I literally beg of you, let's give the democrats a working majority in the house and senate so Hillary can get things done.

Don't make too much mess when you smash the glass ceiling, Madam President. On second thoughts, make as much mess as you want and make Donald sweep it up.

My sister, singer songwriter and US citizen Julia Fordham, has already voted and wrote this brilliant song "Songbird (I'm With Her and She's With Me) after the second debate. The Fordham sisters are all in for Hillary. Come on America, it's a no brainer - Vote for Hillary Clinton.

All together now, I'm with her and she's with me.