'Try Not Having Kids' Parody Shows How Many Perks There Are To Being Childfree

All The Perks Of Not Having Kids In One Video

"Are you beginning to feel pressure from others to have children of your own? Do you find you are not yet ready to obliterate any chance you have left to enjoy life to its fullest? Then try Not Having Kids!"

A hilarious parody of prescription drug commercials gives people a groundbreaking alternative to having children: not having children. Brought to you by writer Jason Messina, this video addresses marital anxiety about childbearing by listing the potentially lethal side effects of bringing a little one into the world.

The soothing generic voice-over describes a life without kids where you are free to "achieve personal happiness" and "alleviate daily stress." While side effects may include "destruction of family lineage," "having very little to talk about with your pro-creating friends after age 30," and -- of course -- "general bitterness," this alternative option may be right for you.

While the video had us laughing, its creator also issued a more serious warning at the end: "Please, tell your doctor if you already have kids before you try Not Having Kids. As this may result in being a neglectful asshole."

And remember if you can't quite decide between having children and not having children, you can always adopt a dog.

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