A Personal Look At What Dating Is Like If You're A Gay Asian Man

"We felt like we were 'fetishized' within the gay community by just being ourselves."

What is it like to be an Asian man trying to navigate the world of gay hook-up and dating apps?

Many of us have heard or seen the horrific "no fats, no fems, no Asians" tagline that frequently runs across profiles on various gay social media apps and these words have a real impact on the people that encounter them.

In a new video, Collin Factor and his friend Marvin unpack their personal experiences with dating as gay Asian men -- both online and off.

"This video stemmed from a conversation me and my friend (in the video) had one day," Factor told The Huffington Post. "We shared various stories we had in common in which we felt like we were 'fetishized' within the gay community by just being ourselves. Whether it be when our partners are immediately assumed to only be 'into Asians'/'rice queens' just because they're with us, or the dialogue we've both have experienced in the past, in which we get a compliment but it's immediately followed with 'for an Asian guy...' we felt it was a subject where there was a lot to explore."

Factor hopes the video will start to spark conversations that "don't happen enough" and he hopes that conversation eventually reaches beyond dating and tackles the lack of representation and visibility of Asian people in the media and society in general.

We hope so too, Collin.



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