People Are Desperate To See What Jennifer Aniston's Wedding Dress Looks Like

This wasn't it.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux managed to pull off a super-secret wedding earlier this month. 

Presently, we know very little about the affair other than the guest list was small, there was a Muppet-themed cake, Jimmy Kimmel officiated and people are really desperate to see Aniston in her wedding dress. 

Proof of said desperation is a Jennifer Aniston fan page on Facebook, which shared a photo of a woman in a wedding dress this weekend:

That picture, which was originally posted with the message "You have my whole heart for my whole life #WeddingDress," was enough for several publications to jump the gun and declare that readers had to see Aniston in her wedding dress. But, it absolutely was not the star in her wedding dress -- it was a random model in a wedding dress.

Sorry, guys. We probably aren't going to see Jennifer Aniston in her wedding dress, unless she wants us to.


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