Not Our President?

In this week after the election, I have seen many postings that feature folks holding signs that state, "Not My President." I understand the sentiment, but I disagree with the reasoning. A presidential election was held, and to the shock of half the nation, the most divisive candidate in memory won the election. We may disagree with everything that Mr. Trump stands for, but he is soon to be our president. As flawed as some may believe it to be, the system worked, and there will be an orderly transition of power. Now, that does not mean that people of faith should remain silent when the leaders of our nation make decisions that threaten human rights and dignity. Already, an official in West Virginia has been suspended from a government job for making racist comments about the current First Lady. Right-wing factions of the Israeli Parliament have jumped on the Trump election as the impetus for a new plan to effectively destroy any remaining hope for the creation of a Palestinian State. Students on college and university campuses nationwide have reported a number of incidents of racial and religious hatred and even violence by some who claim to support the president-elect. It is now that people of faith must speak ever more forcefully when injustice in any form emerges. It is possible, even likely, that the new administration will do all it can to dismantle some freedoms and protections that Americans have come to take for granted. But they should not be able to do so without resistance by any peaceful and non-violent means by citizens who oppose such actions. If we hope for future elections that may turn the tide, we have to support the validity of the one just completed, or else, those in the future will have no meaning at all.

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