Not Sure How to Recognize Your Employees? Try Giving Them Your Time

This Sunday kicks off the congressionally designated Public Service Recognition Week, a time when agency leaders and managers should take the opportunity to praise and reenergize federal employees who make our country better in so many ways, but who too often are taken for granted.

The messages, events and award ceremonies that will take place during the week of May 1-7 are important, but it is also critical for leaders at all levels of government to provide recognition more than one week a year.

One way to quickly and more frequently recognize the work of employees may be to take a page from Ken Blanchard, a noted author in the leadership field who has written more than 30 bestselling books. Perhaps his most notable work is the "One-Minute Manager."

Skeptics will question whether anything meaningful can happen in a minute. But of course, you only need review video of Kris Jenkins's game-winning shot for Villanova University in this year's collegiate basketball championship game to know that you can win a game or change a person's life in significantly less time.

This post was originally featured on The Washington Post's website.