Not Your Average Abroad Album

During my semester abroad, I decided to combine a short video of clips taken throughout my travels. While studying in Barcelona, Spain with five friends from my school, Colgate University, I was able to travel to a number of different countries in Europe as weekend trips. I'm not sure how exactly I came up with this idea for a video, but I wanted to make something so I could remember the experience that went beyond just a photo album of pictures from my iPhone. Overall, I'd say I spent roughly 40-50 hours filming and editing the whole project.

At times it was definitely awkward to carry my friend's GoPro around while traveling, but once I started putting all the clips together I became more and more excited about it and stopped caring about looking like an idiot. You'll see several clips from our hiking and canyoning trip in Switzerland, which was easily the best experience I had abroad.

I'm definitely sad that the semester is over, but I think this video is the perfect representation of how great the time was overall.