Not Your Typical...

My Name is Owen Thiele. You might be thinking I'm your average 30 year old blogger who's going to talk to you about this obscure title, "not your typical..." Well, the title will soon make a lot of sense. I'm not 30 at all, I happen to be a thirteen year old. But I'm also not just your typical teenage boy. I'm extremely taken by music.

My dad, Bob Thiele Jr., is a music producer and songwriter which means that music is technically in my blood, only not. I was adopted at birth. I always think it's such a miracle having been adopted into a musical family since I have a love for singing. The word "miracle" really is the perfect word for my situation. I have been singing for my whole life. Whether it was trying to sing I Love You from Barney at the age of 1 or belting out an emotional Michael Jackson song like Ben at age 12, I've always enjoyed performing immensely.

About a year ago, I recorded an original song my dad wrote with his friends, Dillion O' Brian and Ruby Stewart called Stripped Down. Recording it was not easy... AT ALL. I thought that just throwing on some headphones and singing into a microphone would be a breeze. I was wrong. I actually learned to appreciate my dad's job a lot; just recording me in the studio turned his hair grey. We aren't generally hard to work with, just when we work together. First of all, for a father to work with his son is very brave. It's like saying, "Kill me.". The son disobeys, and wants this and that, while the father is being bossy and annoying, as well. That was my day in the studio recording Stripped Down, except much less dramatic. But after all that whining and aggravation, we made a pretty good song. You can check it out now on iTunes by typing in Owen Thiele and the song, Stripped Down will pop up.

I almost forgot I was thirteen until my mom and dad had to ruin my fun. They are making me go to bed. My argument: "Its only 12:05." Their argument: "Exactly." Bummer... But I will most definitely finish this story in the next blog. STAY TUNED..

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