Nota Bene: The Pilgrims Were Illegal Immigrants

Yes. The Pilgrims were illegal immigrants. They landed in America without the permission of the American Indians, who owned the land by virtue of residence for thousands of years. No one except the Indians had the legal right to give them permission. And the Spaniards and the Dutch and the French and the British before the Pilgrims were all also illegal immigrants. And after the Louisiana Purchase and the 1862 Homestead Act, all the whites who went West were illegal immigrants again on Indian land -- in some cases after treaties were signed with the Indians setting aside the land for them. And of the hacks and foul-mouthed Conservatives now wagging their tongues about undocumented immigrants, how many of them are recent descendants of immigrants themselves? -- and illegal themselves, because ALL the Europeans in this country are here without the approval of the American Indians whose land they usurped and continue usurping? There is so much hypocrisy in this country now, too many of us choke on it. The author Jodi Picault had it right recently when she said: "It's really hard to love America sometimes."

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