Heartwarming Note Proves Nice Traffic Cops Do Exist (PHOTO)

Tasked with the sometimes unsavory job of ticketing and even towing cars, the ubiquitous meter maid is often a subject of derision, if not outright assault.

However, this simple note apparently left by a New York parking enforcement officer serves to remind us that meter maids are people, too.

Posted to Reddit on Sunday by user mrob2738, the picture shows a car's dashboard with a note from the owner.

"Hey, I'm pretty buzzed. I don't want to get a DWI, I will pick up my car first thing in the AM. Please don't give me a ticket. - Brianna," the message reads.

The parking enforcement officer, who replied on a violation notice from the town of Islip, wrote, "Brianna, I appreciate you being responsible. In the future, please try not to park here when you drink. Thank you!"

This heartwarming note is very similar to one from June of 2012 in which a sympathetic officer did not ticket a vehicle whose owners had apparently misplaced their car keys.

In that case, the photo spawned a chain reaction of Redditors offering their own stories of random acts of kindness performed by local meter maids and police officers.




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