Pandering To Women Is The Opposite Of Feminist

MOMocrat Julie Pippert takes on the McCain campaign's recent efforts to reach out to women bloggers, as reported in the Washington Post:

I find this particular quote patronizing:

"The McCain strategy for reaching women across the aisle involves praise for Clinton and connecting with some of the newer women's media outlets, such as the community BlogHer and MOMocrats blogs, which have been invited to join McCain campaign conference calls."

These are not author Garance Franke-Ruta's words, but, rather the McCain campaign's protocol.

I do not fault McCain, his campaign or even Carly Fiorina for the strategy, which Joanne Bamberger and I both find crazy......crazy like a fox. I do fault them for thinking it is enough and I also fault anyone who buys it.

Simply talking to women, acknowledging their presence and influence and inviting them to listen in on a conference call does not make one a friend of women or women's issues.

I think women -- actually all voters and citizens -- should keep in mind that a vote for McCain is a vote against feminism.

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